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Nepali Citizen planning to apply for a Green Card


Dear Sir/madam,

I am Nepali citizenship holder, phd holder from greece, I am wishing to apply for green card in the USA, how would you suggest further?
If you are born in Nepal, then both the priority dates for EB1a and NIW categories are current as of now. Depending on the evidence that you can pool, you can aply either in EB1a or NIW. We suggest the following: 
1. Read the EB1a and NIW requirements and make a list of criteria that you meet. You can send a CV to us for… Continue reading

How many publications do i need to apply for a green card?


Greetings !!

Thank you for running a great website which is extremely useful for rest of us. I am a recent Phd graduate and unfortunately My PI wasn’t the best and screwed my papers. I only have one publication and I am currently a post doc (been six months). I have been told that one needs multiple publications and/or patents to be able to file green card under EB1A or NIW category?   If possible could you guide on this a little bit please.
It is not necessary that you have a lot of… Continue reading

Suitable category for a PhD from abroad.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am in the process of making a self petition for a green card here in the US and come across your materials, which I find very helpful and useful. However, I encounter a few burning questions which I am confident you are in a good position to help out with some answers. 
1. I have a PhD from a British University – graduated in 2008
2. Published high impact academic journals
3. Worked in high profile jobs (but not in the US)
4. Have a construction company in the UK… Continue reading