Below are some letters we received from successful Green Card applicants who used our packets. Not all applicants communicate back to us, so we do not know the exact number of successes. From those who communicate, we have not heard of any failures.

You can also find some approval survey (started: 01/2015) posted posted on our blog post.

To ALL of YOU,

I finally got the Green Card, after nearly two years!
I am so grateful to all of you.
Also, if you wish, I can tell you my story. Actually, I will visit your Website to write a review or a testimony.

xxxxx xxxxxx, PhD.
(March 1, 2018)

Dear greencardforphd,

Thank you so much for sending me the “do it yourself” packet (xxxxxx_C549). It was of immense help.
My I-140 for both EB1 and EB2 cases are approved.

I was going through the document list required for the next step and found original birth certificate and immunization records essential. I do not have and never had a birth certificate and immunization records.

Please advice me on this. I heard something like affidavit etc. but not very clear. Please help me. I am going for consular processing.

I will definitely recommend greencardforphd “do it yourself” packet to all my friends and colleagues aspiring for a GC.

thanks again

Dear Green Card for PhD,

Thank you so much for your kit!  I just received my green card based on NIW self-petition in the area of comparative genomics (biology) using your package and also packages of my friends. Your kit helped me enormously. I submitted my application on May 15, 2011 and received green card on September 16, 2011. I did not already have a job at that moment, but it was not a problem. I am russian, so priority date was current. Me and my husband we both have green cards now.

It took me long time to get started, to shape idea about how to present my research (that is not exactly in the national interest, at least it is not so obvious) and to get package ready, I was desperate at some point and thinking I will not be able to do it.

After waiting for a long time for responses from reference letter people, I had to push some people really hard (but very politely, just explaining how important this letter for me and my family) to sign my reference letters, basically because they were all so busy, at the end they did not even correct my drafts and just signed them. I had total 6 letters.

But at the end it all worked out. I was writing on evenings, nights and weekends while working and also taking care of infant. It is all possible. Looking back I probably put too much effort into it and could have probably done three times less of work. I actually did not use all of the material I had written in my final petition, because I thought it would be too long and too boring, so instead I ended up describing just three major projects in my petition.

Ironically now I decided to go back to my home country for some time. But may be I will be back and looking for job in US.

Thank you so much – you saved me tons of money in lawyer’s fees!!!

Best wishes,


I just want to thank you for all the help with my application!  I just heard that my I140 has been approved.  Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars!  I concurrently filed my I485 and my priority date is current.  Do you know how long that would take in general?  Thanks!

“With Green card for Phd, I applied for permanent residency by self-petition under the EB2-NIW category.  I’m very pleased that by following the step-by-step procedures, I was able to prepare an application that was approved in less than 4 months.  The GFP team was very helpful and responsive with my questions.  I highly recommend purchasing this package.  I saved thousands of dollars of lawyers’ fees.  If you’re good enough to get a PhD, you’re good enough to apply for a green card on your own.”

Dear Sir,

I am happy to say that my EB2 NIW has been approved without any RFE. I really appreciate your guys effort to provide this kind of help to the people in need.

I am so thankful to you.

Thanks and Regards,
Dr. xxxxxx


I got to know that my NIW-I-140 petition is approved. My next step is to apply for I-485, adjustment of status. My questions are
1.  if I change my job (same field) now, will that affect my adjustment of status?

2. When I’m filing I-485, do I have to submit Employment Letter also?

3. Does the duration of the employment and salary matters? I mean a long duration with a reasonable salary will be advantageous?

Thank you very much,

I got an RFE in September (on NYSDOT 3rd prong) to which I submitted a response two weeks before the deadline in December.  I just got an e-mail from USCIS that my I-140 (NIW) has been approved!

Thank you very much for your help on this — you’ve got another candidate to add to your list of self-petition success stories.

Now for two important questions:

1.  I was planning on getting married in June 2014, but now reconsidering getting a registered marriage done before I file my I-485… Is this the right way to go so I can co-file I-485 for my spouse?  I heard that dependents (after my I-485 is approved) can take a long time (>5 years) to get approved.

2.  Since I filed my self-petition as single, will a recent marriage certificate (after the date of my I-140 approval) and now filing my I-485 as married affect my green card approval in anyway?

I would greatly appreciate your speedy response on this since I’m currently outside of the US with my fiancee and am planning on returning on the 20th of Jan to complete my PhD by the 1st of May — this is when my current F1 student visa status expires.

Thank you very much,


This is long overdue, but I want to say thank you. I bought your packet for NIW in Aug 2010. I wasn’t in a hurry for the green card (was a postdoc at the time) and mailed my application to the TX center in Jan 2012. Got an RFE in May 2012, and responded to it in July 2012. Approved 2 weeks later in Aug 2012. Sent off I-485 in Dec 2012 and got the green card on hand in Feb 2013.

While my brother-in-law paid $8000 for a lawyer for NIW (he had a much better case than me, we are in similar fields), I got it done for $60. THANK YOU.
Applied to TX center Jan 2012
– RFE May 2013
– Wrote a new petition, included a lot of material from the old petition, 1 new recommendation from a 9th institution from someone who doesn’t know me personally to address every point raised of the very generic RFE letter.
– Sent reply to RFE July 2012
– Approved Aug 2012
– Filed I-485 for self and spouse in Dec 2012 (non-retrogressed country of citizenship)
– Green card mailed in Feb 2013.

Hi GFP team,

I received me and my wife’s Green cards in the mail yesterday. Once the I140 was approved, it took only a week to receive the cards. I really appreciate your help and advice with regard to my applications. I am not sure what would have been the outcome without your input. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to my friends in the future. Thank you again and I wish you a happy holiday and a great new year!

Best regards, xxxxx

GreencardforPhd: Would you be able to write a review on your experience for our website.

I am pleased to recommend the services provided by the ‘Green Card for PhD’ team during my application for permanent resident status in the United States. The guidelines given in their information package (purchased online) helped me to fully understand the application process, and gave me the confidence to buildup my own I-140 (EB2-NIW) self-petition. They also provided a free advisory service throughout the process via email. This free service allowed me to clarify any doubts that came up while organizing the petition and relevant forms.

I received an RFE, two months after submitting my application. After responding to the RFE, then I had to wait for another couple of months before we received our Green cards in the mail (my wife’s and mine). Once the I-140 was approved, it took only a couple of weeks to receive the cards.

The services provided by the ‘Green Card for PhD’ team is excellent and they certainly helped me to obtain my Green Card. I frankly recommend the ‘Green Card for PhD’ team and their services to anybody.


Hi, just writing to let you know that I got an approved I-140 (NIW). Thanks again for the outline you provided, it was very helpful!
I’m now just waiting for the decision about the I-485. Regards, xxxx


The NIW packet was easy to follow. The included full petition sample and the completed USCIS forms were a big help. I think only form G-1145 was missing in the packet, but it’s optional anyway.

Hi, I have a question. Is it likely that changing jobs whilst I-485 is
still pending may result in denial?
I`ve got NIW I-140 approved and assumed that since its
self-petitioning, I`m not bound to any employer and not a subject to
AC21portability rule, so there is no need to wait until 180 days
passed after filing I-485.
Any thoughts?
Regards, xxxx

Dear xxxxxx,

Congratulations on your i-140 approval. 

If you filed a self-petition, your I-140 is not tied any employer. So you are free to change jobs without the need to wait for the 180 days period. However, please remember that i-485 examiner may check to verify that you are working in the same or similar field as mentioned in your i-140 petition. 

Best of luck
Gren card for phd 


Thank you for your response anyway. Yes, the petition has already been approved, now waiting for I-485 decision. Your package helped me a lot, the information I was looking for was in the instruction actually.

Best regards


Firstly I would like to thank you. My husband and me have been approved under EB1 A and now are working on submitting I 485, I 756, I 131 etc.

I had a question regarding the affidavit of support. Since my husband is the principal applicant and I am a dependent (on my H4) , we are under the impression that he needs to submit an affidavit of support form for me. Is this right? If so, since ours is not an employment based application, which form do we submit : I-134 or I-864 or None?

Looking forward to a reply.

Thanks again.


I had purchased your DIY package (EB1A), which was extremely helpful to give me confidence and avoid lawyer and their huge fees. I am happy to let you know that I (and the family: my wife and daughter) are already registered as permanent resident(s) and the cards should arrive soon. We did concurrent filing under EB1A. It was really quick. Thank you very much for all your help in answering questions via email. Here are the sequence of events that we went through:

July 2 2013: sent the application via USPS priority mail;
July 12: text and email notification of acceptance;
July 16: USPS mail notification of acceptance (with case numbers);
July 17: biometric appointment letter;
Aug 12: biometric done here in Boston immigration office;
Aug 15: EAD + advanced parole combo cards for myself and my wife received from Texas office by post;
Aug 30 2013: I-140 approved, I-485 status shows that they have registered us as permanent resident.

Once again thanks a lot for making the package and and helping me whenever I had any question.


Dear Green card for PhD team,

First of all I sincerely thank you for your help in the I140 application procedure and RFE response . I am glad to let you know that my I140 has got approved, I am still waiting for the approval letter by mail. Could you please let me know what is next? I have my birth certificate, marriage certificate and all immigration papers. But I have my medical done while I was a student should I have to do again? Should I face an interview as well? I will be really grateful for your assistance in this regard. Thank you.



hi- just wanted to say thnaks to you. Couple of years ago I used your application template when I just moved to US. Appreciate the help to get things going my own way
great work.

Good luck,

Hi Guys

I recently got my approval for EB1A and Iam planning to submit my 1485, a couple of questions would you suggest sending the application material in a three ring binder (I did this for the 140).
Do I need to show the sponsor (form) for my wife, will a bank account in her name and my account suffice.

Thanks for your help.

Dear xxxxxx

First of all congratulations on your approval.

Why were you thinking of three ring binder? We do not understand.

All the documents you need with i-485 are listed in cover letter (appending A). You will need a Form I-134, Affidavit of Support for your wife. This is a standard approach.

Best wishes,


I did premium processing for i-140. I submitted I-485 with that application but did not paid fees for i-485. I got I-140 approved and a few days later I got an rejection letter for i-485 for not including fee. Now I am applying for i-485, will it be done by premium processing, where to send the i-485 application? I live in California.

Dear GreenCard For PhD Team,

I would like to inform you that my I-140 petition (Exceptional ability Category) was approved on December 11, 2014.
I am wondering for the next step. Could you help me? Please give me guidance for the next step. (What should I do? What requirement document to get the Green-Card? also what about my three people dependent?).

Thank you very much for your help.



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