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Groups, societies and associations


There is a section in the I-485 form that asks for membership in societies, groups or associations. I noticed your filled form left that section blank. Am I expected to fill that part if I am a part of professional associations like American Public Health Association, especially considering I mentioned that I was in my I-140 petition that I was a member of these professional associations?

Ds2019 and EAD


I would like to do a concurrent filing (I-140 and I-485) and have some questions.

  1. In my case, 2-years rule does not apply. Am I right that I don’t have to get J1 waiver?
  2.  My J1 visa was expired but my DS2019 is valid until the end of November 2018. Is it ok?
  3.  Let’s say, I’ll file all the documents for I-140 and I-485 this month. My DS2019 is valid until the end of November. May it be a problem? If I don’t get EAD by those time, I won’t be able to renew DS2019? Do the strart to… Continue reading

Postdoctoral Research Associatte


I am currently in a J1-status and my DS-2019 will expire in Aug 2019. My I-140 EB2-NIW got recently approved. I am planning to apply for I-485 after J1 waiver.What happens if my J1 expires while my AOS is still pending? As far as I know, we can apply EAD. Can I use that EAD to continue my work as a postdoc? My wife also works as a J2-dependent.  Does my AOS filing affect her employment?