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I140 application before sending initial OPT application document

Hi, I am a PhD student and planning to apply for EB-2 NIW. My F1 will be expired on August 31, 2021.

I am planning to apply for my I140 before sending my initial OPT application to the USCIS. I know people can get denied OPT extension when there GC is under processing. But I am not sure about the initial OPT application. I see different debate on that. Can you please advise whether it is advisable to apply for initial OPT card during my I140 application is pending?

NIW self petetion


Last year I have purchased  self petition package from you. I am planning to file EB2 NIW by myself. I am writing to check whether you provide application review service and how to do the payment. I have sent separate email.

Appreciate your feedback.

Best Regards




I am about to submit my EB2-NIW petition and I wonder which form (750B or 9089) should I include? I tried to download 750B form from Department of Labor website but I could not and I wonder where I can get the forms either 750B or 9089?