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TN Visa to EB2NIW

I’m a Environmental Engineer working full-time for a national Environmental consulting firm. I’ve been working for the past 3 years under a TN Visa authorization.  Although the company is located in Arizona, I’ve worked in projects located in more than 20 states in the U.S. The company serves mostly Oil and Gas companies and Power utilities, with the occasional mine, boat company, universities and non-profit organizations.

I hold a PhD in Environmental Science and a M.S. in Industrial Engineering, both from a U.S. College.  I have 8 peer reviewed Conference proceedings publications and 1 peer reviewed international Journal (low index). My work have been cited (in total) 35 times in the past 5 years.

I’m an active member of 2 renowned engineering associations (not holding any specific position).   I can get recommendation letters from government agencies (from the U.S. and Mexico) , university professors,  colleagues, power utilities CEOs, company managers, etc.

My questions are: Are my credentials sufficient to apply or consider to apply to any of these authorizations? If yes, which one is more suitable in my case?

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  • GCforPhD says:


    You could consider the NIW category. From your description, if you carefully prepare your petition, you may be able to claim 1, 5 (some what weak), 6 (recognition in your field–show using reference letters) and 7(publications) of exceptional ability. In addition you would need to show that your work is in the national interest and the significant benefit derived from your participation in the national interest field of endeavor considerably outweighs the inherent national interest in protecting U.S. workers through the labor certification process.

    You can try our example petition packets and we also offer review service for petitons.

    Best wishes

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