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Advance Parole

Traveling to Saint Thomas on pending Green Card without AP.


So I applied for my green card through marriage this 24 April 2017. I was on F-1 visa, I graduated last May 2016 from my university and my OPT ended this month (May 2017) I applied for Advance Parole travel documents but I don’t think they will be here any soon for my trip and I want to travel to US VIRGIN ISLANDS, Saint Thomas for 6 days.

My flight is directly from NYC to Saint Thomas. I’m flying from JFK to STT and my return is the same. I won’t be leaving the US territory for my trip… Continue reading

Ms from US, PhD scholarship from US, but no more than one publication!! should I apply or just wait?

I’m  MD with F-1 visa, I have a masters degree in Biochemistry from US Institution and I have been awarded a scholarship by US university to pursue PhD study in cancer research. I have been awarded  a scholarship by my country to study my masters degree also. I am member in 3 professional organizations related to my field of studies.I have 2 publications as co-author, one poster , and one submitted research as first author. My PI wants to keep me as a post doc after I finish my PhD. do you think I should wait until I… Continue reading

Pending I-140 travel on F1 or Advanced parole

Question:  I got my OPT 17 months extension in May 2013, and last month I applied for I-140 (NIW).  I’m planning to visit my country in near future, so I think it would be better to have H1 rather than  F1-OPT. I have following questions:
Q1: during the processing time of I-140, can I apply for H1 (academic by the University)?
Yes you can apply for a H1B, since the visa holder can posses immigration intent. However, you may not be able to extend an F1 or apply for a J1.
Q2: After obtaining H1 if I140… Continue reading