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Can we change jobs after applied/received J1 waiver?


I am in the process of applying J1-Waiver and changing J1 to H1B to proceed with my GC. Have some questions before that, and would like to know some details before going in action.

1. Now, I got the NO OBJECTION certificate from my government
2. Preparing in applying to Indian Embassy to get waiver using that certificate
3. After that, Apply to Dept. of Labor US

Before applying that, would like to know if I can change my job to another university or I need to apply the J1 waiver again if I moved to another job? If… Continue reading


Good day,

Am Gabriel, a Phd candidate from University of Lagos (Nigeria). Am currently a J1 visa holder in Texas A&M Corpus Christi University. I have learnt a lot but still have many more to learn with limited time. I will like to know what opportunities are open for me after my exchange though I plan leaving. I need advice on how to change or waive my 2 year homestay and also get to return immediately for some opportunities I have seen here. thank you

J1 looking for NIW


I’m a J1 postdoc and started my 2 years contract few months ago. My DS-2019 is silent but my visa mentions two years home residency requirement. I want to know if I need to get the J1 waiver first before going for EB2-NIW or it can be done other way around as well.