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Analytical Chemist

It was a great time to work with a team from greencardforphd. The team was very professional and helpful during my I-485 self-preparation. No matter what question I have asked, I always received a quick response from them and I received my green card after 6 months without any RFE.

Green card awarded

This is my way to express my sincere gratitude to the Team of GreenCardforPhD.

The Team provided me with all the support I needed from the start to completion of the application.

I had only four strong references: three from previous PhD instructors/mentors, and one from a Professor of The Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. The latter cited one of the journal articles I authored. My strength pertained to the fact that my PhD research was on behalf of NASA. It resolved a long-standing (more than 30 years) and very controversial issue.

I made sure I fulfill the minimum requirements,… Continue reading

Bank statement of a sponsor in EB1A



Is Bank statement of the sponsor required for I-485 filing under EB1.? My Wife has got I-140 approved and she was in H4 using your packet.



First, congratulations on the I-140 approval. 


We are not really sure we understand your question. See if the answer below is helpful. The primary applicant would include a bank statement for the derivative applicants to show that there are sufficient financial resources to support any dependents. It is not absolutely necessary and if the officer feels you need to submit one, they will ask for the document via… Continue reading