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Do I qualify for NIW?


Hello, I am a professor teaching at a community college teaching sociology. I am on H1B visa that I have held for about 10 months now. I have consulted with a number of lawyers, though they are not only expensive, they also think I am not eligible for sponsorship from my employer because I am not working full time. I have published one paper only on the “Sudanese Lost Boys” which has a national interest. I am also working on other papers on the same boys. My dissertation which is also on the same boys has been cited twice. I have also served as a board member of a peer reviewed journal, attended and presented in several conferences. I have reviewed three books. What will be your recommendation? Should self sponsor? Thanks in advance for your anticipated assistance.
It may be possible to self-sponsor in your case. But you would need a strong justification as to why your case is in national interest. You would need to prove this with some evidence, which could be reference letters. Also more publications would be good.You can also see some example petition letters which may give you an idea as to what is most appropriate to your case.
Please see the uscis requirements in the EB2-NIW categories.
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