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Hello, Please evaluate if i am eligible to work with your reputated firm.

I hold a docotor of juris degree and have 10+ years of managerial experience.

I also have several awards and certifications.

I am also willing to invest $100k or aorund if required.

Thank you for your consideration. Hoping to hear from you soon.





I have completed my PhD from one of the US Universities. I have one peer review publication and 10 conference abstract. I am submitting two papers in peer review journals. So far I have three citation and I am working as an adjunct instructor in a university in US. I am from the country eligible for EB2 NIW.

Is there any chance I can file file petition for EB2 NIW?


Am I eligible for applying for EB-2A, NIW, or EB1 while a PhD student?


I am interested in learning how to apply for an EB-2A, NIW or EB1 green card by myself and whether I am eligible for applying.

For your information, below is my brief background.

I am a third-year PhD student, majoring in health policy at a U.S. university. I’ve earned an M.S. degree in health services research from School of Public Health at a U.S. university. My current job is a graduate research assistant at the university’s research center. The research center is fully funded through the federal government contract. The research all focusĀ on workforce issues in health care, seeking… Continue reading