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NIW EB2 for Phd Candidate


Thank you for your website which contains useful information. I wanted to know your opinion on my situation: I am a Phd candidate in theoretical Physics in Quantum Optics and Communication. I did my undergraduate from US with a major in physics and did research on experimental optics. I have 3 co-author publication from my undergraduate work and more than 10 conference presentations at regional and national level in undergraduate level. For my Phd work, I switched to more theoretical work which is gaining a lot of attention now in international arena. This is my end of 3rd year… Continue reading


Hello, Please evaluate if i am eligible to work with your reputated firm.

I hold a docotor of juris degree and have 10+ years of managerial experience.

I also have several awards and certifications.

I am also willing to invest $100k or aorund if required.

Thank you for your consideration. Hoping to hear from you soon.





I have completed my PhD from one of the US Universities. I have one peer review publication and 10 conference abstract. I am submitting two papers in peer review journals. So far I have three citation and I am working as an adjunct instructor in a university in US. I am from the country eligible for EB2 NIW.

Is there any chance I can file file petition for EB2 NIW?