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Self Petitioning

Postdoc Associate

Hi There,

I have a couple of questions:

I am currently working in MIT as a postdoc in nonlinear photonics. I was thinking of applying for the green card next year since I don’t have many citation to apply for EB1 this year (>200). But I wanted to do that from overseas (Germany for example) while working there as a research scientist in DESY. Do you think it it will be complicated to apply from overseas?

My second question is related to National labs (since I saw in the welcome page you have worked in NL): Does green card help… Continue reading


This is Dr.D. Sudhakara completed Ph.D. from mechanical engineering from Indian university. I have total 12 years of experience in teaching in engineeering.

I have total 8 international journals and 9 national and international conferences.

I have hot got 1 international award “Innovative Technologist & Dedicated Teaching Professional Award” from Malaysia

for getting Green Card what category i have to do? plz suggest me and send sample document for preparing petition.

thank you sir.


Questions for the EB1A DIY product


1. Can I self-petition an EB-1 while my employer is applying O-1 visa for me?

2. Will I be able to use the same documentation from the O-1 visa to proof Extraordinary Ability in EB-1?

3. If I am not successful in my self-petition EB-1, could it affect future green card applications, such as via an employer?

Thank you so much for your insights!