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Self Petitioning

NIW with phd in pure math

I consider pursuing a green card with my Ph.D. in Mathematics through self-petition.
However, I have little doubt about how much possibility to succeed in getting a green card through my degree as my major does not belong to any categories as indicated below.

“Individuals of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics (E11)

Please advise.


DIY EB2 kit


I’m thinking about self-petitioning the EB2 visa. Do you think I have a chance?

My profile:

I recently graduated from my MBA from Duke University. I’m working in the US under the H1B Visa for an American Company (can I re-use the I-140 from the company?) as a Senior Brand Manager. I have around 9 years of work experience prior to the MBA.



Is F2-To-EB2 Switch Possible?

Hi. Please my spouse obtained an MA from the US and, after the permitted 1 year of OPT, switched to the F2 visa.

Is it possible to now switch from F2 to EB-2 on the basis of an advanced degree?