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EB1 Profile

Dear Sir,

I am currently doing my pHD and I want to create my EB1 profile. I don’t intend to apply right away, I am thinking of publishing some papers, please let me know what are the necessary preparations to do for pHD Green card.

Also, if you have attorneys who help me prepare for EB1 profile. Please let me know.



Is it ok to apply for a green card while on a OPT?



Dear Sir, 

I am a recent PhD graduate and working as research assistant with my university and recently received my engineer in training ( EIT ) certification. 
I am looking for NIW green card which in my opinion suits me. 
I have 3 publications and hoping finish 1 soon. I have 8 citations for one paper and two papers are published recently so yet to get citation for those. 
Right now I am working on OPT on a project funded by National Science Foundation ( NSF) which is one… Continue reading


Hi, presently I am studying with F1 with expired visa, but I am willing to apply for EB-2 in few months. Can I able to travel abroad while the application is in process. And if possible on which visa should I be able to return to the US.