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Leaving my PhD program can affect my I-140 application?


I’m enrolled in a PhD program and recently applied for I-120. However, I’m thinking about dropping out of my PhD. Since I mentioned about my being a PhD student in 140 application, can I leave PhD while I wait for the approval?

Thank you!

PhD students currently on F1 can apply for EB1A or EB2-NIW


I am a PhD student, with only 2 conference publications. At the end of my PhD I might expect few more conference publications/ proceedings and 2 journal papers. I have 4 years of industrial experience in hometown raising from an Engineer level to Senior Engineer level.

I have two questions:

Will my qualification seem sufficient enough to apply immediately? If not, when would be appropriate? Typically how many journal publications does applicants possess? Will those publications based in U.S has more weight?

I am right now on F1 visa. If I do not get approved at this time, will… Continue reading

Applying for green card while a PhD student


I am a first year PhD student in School of Information, University of Texas at Austin. 
I would like to apply for Green Card on EB2-NIW category. I do not know which category is suitable for me. However I would prefer NIW category. Is it the right time for applying for green card. Please let me know your feedback ASAP by reviewing my resume attached here.

BTW currently I am in F-1 Visa status in USA, so please also let me know if my application get denied, how would this denial affect my F-1 status? Can I continue… Continue reading