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Applying for green card while on H4

hello sir,
hope you are doing well.
let me explain my-self in brief.
i am going to complete my phd by end of jun-2016.
i am on h4 visa now,i am thinking to apply for Green card directly. is it possible?if yes can you state the steps?and which categories suits to me for green card?how long will be it take?
thank you .

Applying for Green Card while on H4


First let me appreciate your efforts through your website. They were really helpful information. I am interested in filing GC in NIW category. I appreciate if you could help me resolve the following specific questions I have,

Q1: I have a PhD in Physics from an US university. I was a postdoc and with H1B until March 2011 and then had to quit my job and move  to a different state. To keep my legal status I had to change to H4. So now I am on H4. If I file for GC now in the NIW category, will… Continue reading