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Greencard Procedure

How will j2 visa impact j1’s GC process

Hi there, thank you for providing such insightful information. I have a question which I need some advice on. My husband is on a j1 visa and i have a j2. However, I am not in the US yet as I would like to finish up some work I have in my current residential country and join him in one month time. He is probably going to apply for GC soon (he has been there for 2 months). My arrival period will coincide with his application for I-400, will that affect his GC process? Can he apply for I-400 since… Continue reading

Process to GC from PhD

  1. Hello, I am Dayakar . I would like to know more about Green card process from PhD. At present, I am doing my doctoral studies in Information technology. I am doing a hybrid approach format for this degree. Expected completion would be 2023 May. I have not started my dissertation yet. No publications yet. I would like to plan my career accordingly once a I know the road map for GC. Please contact me for further details. Thank you.


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Do I need to Submit Forms I-944 and I-864 with my Application?

Hello Green card for PhD Advisors,

I purchased the EB2 NIW packet some months ago and I am almost ready to submit a concurrent application under the EB2 NIW category. I am currently on a F-1 visa which expires June 22nd, 2021. I hope to submit the application for  my wife and I.  Here are questions I would be happy to receive answers to:

  1. By submitting a concurrent application, do I get to have a legal basis for a continued stay the U.S, pending a decision on my I-140 application?
  2. Can my I-765 application (work authorization) be approved… Continue reading