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Greencard Procedure

Green Card International Student


I’m an international student studying in Australia. I have received a scholarship to continue my undergraduate studies in Psychology, Criminology, and Justice in the US. I will, therefore, transfer to the US this fall. I’m hoping to stay on and continue with Masters and Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology. My ultimate goal is to become a Forensic Psychologist in the states. My question is, is this possible? Will pursuing a Ph.D. in the states in the field of Forensic Psychology help me obtain licensure and green card in order to stay on and practice? If so, what is the green card procedure?

Thank you.

PhD with CPT

Hi there!

I am enrolling in a school that offers international students with full time CPT to work for 3 years and study simultaneously. Will I get OPT and will I be eligible under any of the three categories that EB1 have?

Self petition for Ph. D in Chemistry

I completed my Ph.D. in Chemistry from India.  I have five publication in that four are international publications.  I gave six presentations including poster and oral.  I have two years teaching experience.

Which category is good for my profile.