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Should i reapply for J2 work permit while waiting for my husbands waiver?


My husband and I are currently living here in USVI. My husband is under J1 visa and i am in J2 visa. The employer of my husband will be working on their waiver since our visa will be expiring this July 2017. As for me, i am currently working and my work permit would be expiring this March 2017. My question is, should I reapply for my work permit or should I wait for the approval of my husbands waiver first? Because i’m thinking if i apply i might get denied if USCIS would see that my visa is… Continue reading

Can J2 stay if J1 I140 is approved however not yet I 485 is granted and J visa expires within a month from receiving I 140 approval?

Hi All,

I am J2 and my husband is on J1. He is also the primary applicant for GC and has received his  I140 approval.

However our J visa validity ends on 30th Sep,2017. We would like to know can J2 stay back post Sep if I-485 approval is not received until end of Sep,2017 ?

Helpful response will be much appreciated!



J2 EAD renewal while I140 pending


I am a Biomedical Engineer, doing a Postdoc in Los Angeles with a J1 visa (no two year home country residence requirement, since I am not paid with government funding, and my home country is not on the skill list). My visa and DS2019 were initially: March 2016-March 2018, same dates are present in my husband’s EAD, since, as a J2, he is actually using it for working. I have recently got a DS2019 extension from my sponsor, up to 2020, but my husband can ask for EAD renewal just 6 months before the expiration of the actual one,… Continue reading