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Self-petition with only few publications


Dear Greencardforphd,

First and foremost, I’d like to express that I am extremely grateful to your service. I have found your website and handbook very useful.
I am currently a post-doc with only 2 publications. I should have another 2 publications in a year. I can get very strong recommendation letters. ALl the lawyers that I contacted said that it is very hard to get a green card without employer sponsorship. So I was very discouraged but reading your posts was encouraging.
What do you advise? Should I go ahead with the self-petition? Or should I wait to get more publications?
Thanks so much,
We have had several success with only a few publications as yours. But please remember the strength of your case is not simply your publications but the combined evidence you present. We suggest you look at our example petitions, make a list of all the possible evidence and decide what is the best option for your case. Also waiting till you get two more publications may be helpful depending on what rest of your evidence is.
Best wishes
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2 Responses to Self-petition with only few publications

  • Mayura says:

    Hello sir,
    Accept my thanks for providing motivation thru this website.
    Kindly advise me whether I am eligible for EB 1a or EB1 B.
    Following is the summary:
    Exp: 13 yrs +
    Highest Degree: PhD ( Comp Sc)
    University: Indian
    Current Work Location : US
    Designation: Data Scientist (in IT industry)
    Teaching / research Ex : 9 yrs ( Indian Permanent UGC)
    Publications: 6
    Citations: 3
    Patent: 1 (under exam)
    Awards: Outstanding Achievement award ( from previous employer)
    Certifications: 2
    Testimonials : Can Produce
    Workshops Conducted: 5 +
    International Conference: Speaker
    Current Visa: L1b
    Validity : 2019

    Kindly advice me asap.

    Thanks in advance.

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