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Assisstnat Professor



Thank you for aking this service available.

I am confused as to which packet/s I should buy I am applying forthe EB2 NIW. When I click buy, it gives me a$30 amount for the guide.


Please advise,



Memberships in organizations

I have filed for EB1A last year based on research papers (in mathematics) and editorial board service to judge the work of others. I didn’t have many citations back then (<5) but have 21 citations now. I work in IT and submitted letters stating that I have worked on critical projects. But unfortunately it got rejected that I only meet 2/10 conditions. I was wondering what organizations membership would help me in meeting that criteria? I tried AMS MathReviews but it didn’t work out. Do you have a list of such organizations I can use? If yes which packet would… Continue reading

DIY Kit Query


I’m interested in buying DIY packet and wondering if the packet is recent? If yes, How recent? Are the examples recent too? Does the package comply with new standard i.e. decision matter of Dhanasar.

How many examples of petition letters/cover letters are there in package? Are they relevant to new standard? Looking forward to her back from you. Thanks!