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Extedning OPT (Trough STEM 24month) while waiting for EB-2.

So I’m currently on a F1 Visa and OPT. The company I currently work for sponsored and supported my application for EB-2 visa with a National Interest Waiver . Now I’m also eligible for a STEM OPT 24 month extension. I was thinking of applying for this extension in case my EB-2 gets denied. Or takes longer than expected which will mean my current OPT will have expired.  Will this affect my EB-2 application? What do you guys recommend for me to do?

Can I apply for EB1/EB2-NIW on OPT extension with a PhD and PostDoc offer?

Hello All,

I’m a PhD graduate currently on Initial OPT (approved in Aug 2018) and with a PostDoc offer.

My profile: Masters and PhD degrees from USA with 9 publications(growing), 5 citations(growing), travel fellowships (Boeing and grad school), NSF and FAA funded projects, worked on very challenging research areas (aerospace, robotics, control engineering), IEEE ETA-Kapp-Nu Inductee, member of professional organizations, peer reviewed 6 articles(growing), can get recommendations, currently holding postdoc offer in ocean science and marine engineering to start in Jan 2019.

My questions are as follows:

  1. Can I apply for EB1/EB2(NIW) once my OPT Ext is approved?
  2. Should I… Continue reading