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Journal publications and green card application


I just graduated with PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering. Thinking of applying green card for a while, but I just have one published journal paper. The other one is going to be published in two months. I have three conference published abstract. My group is the only one doing the research I am working now in USA. And currently I am a post-doctoral fellow in the same group as my PhD study. What is your suggestion on my case and anything I need to do in order to make the case strong ?  Thanks in advance.




The information you provided  are very general. It would be hard for us to judge based on this information. While it helps to have more publications, having few publications is not a disadvantage. You should ask your self the following questions
1. how important is the your research to the USA
2. is your work highly regarded by your well known researchers in your field
3. is there sustained interest for your work
Based on answers to these questions and the uscis criteria for eb1a and eb2-niw, you should be able to tell if you have a strong case.
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2 Responses to Journal publications and green card application

  • Karthika says:

    I have Phd from Biochemistry and Postdoc experience @ Sweden. I have 16 publications and 65 citation. 4 poster presentation as co-author. 2 invited talk at conferences. One year Teaching experience at University for Master students. Reviewed 15 papers. Co PI for couple of projects. 3 international and one National post doc awards. May I eligible for EB-A1 green card? I have one more year funding for postdoc.


    • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

      Hi Karthika,

      The formal metrics are not enough to establish the eligibility, since what also matters is where you published those papers, whether or not you are the first author, what is the reputation of the institution where you are the PI, what was the pool of participants for the awards and so on. But I can imagine how a person with similar credentials could make a strong case for EB1A. Please consider our DIY packets and/or ask further questions in this thread.

      You citation level alone may be not very high to establish the sustained acclaim, but you may focus on the recommendation letters instead. You also have strong sides as being a referee, you extensively published, you got international awards and may have played a key role in some projects – this can help you in establishing the eligibility.

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