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How many publications do I need for EB1A or EB2-NIW


I had a look at your websites, and it sounds a new and interesting thing to me. I have a simple question which clears many things for me. How many journal papers (e.g. in IEEE transactions) do I need to publish, to build a strong case for EB1A or EB-NIW?

There is no fixed number that one can suggest. Some one may have a top notch publication which every one in the field considers it as best. If such a publication received several awards, magazine reviews etc then just one or two related may be good enough. There are people who have applied with just as few as 3 or so publications. Also there are applicants with nearly 50. All were successful.


I know it depends on which journals, and paper reviews, and other things as well. But let’s put the major emphasis on publication, and let’s say for example IEEE Journals (or any other examples you can give me). I want to know should I invest on this route, or it’s really for very competitive special people, like winners of national Olympiads, or nation-wide awards. I have couple of journals and can publish a couple of more. But I am highly uncertain with 4 5 good journal papers I would be eligible (since there are so many post docs publishing so many papers, but I never see any of them choosing this route). At the end, most PhD graduates have 3 4 journals, anyways !

Thank you very much

Awards are only one part of the entire list USCIS mentions. It is not necessary that all applicants have it. We are aware of successful applicants with just few publications 7 or so (conference plus journal). In such cases it depends on how one justifies the NIW or EB1a. It would be useful if you looked at some example petitions to understand how to plan your strategy. You should build an understanding  on what collaborations, what directions of research, what types of publications, which research journals (impact factors etc) and citations etc are important.
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