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Suitable Category NIW/EB1A

EB1/EB2 for Psyd

I am an Indian Student on F1. I graduate from Psyd in June 2018. I have a job offer for my post doc. I will be applying for OPT and getting my EAD. While in college I have worked for 3 organization for 3 years, created my dissertation, published a book, presented a poster at a conference, have several recommendation letters from coworkers, professors. My book and dissertation was original work.

My questions are:

  1. Do I quality to self petition my Green card under EB1A/B?
  2. If I don’t quality for EB1, then can I live and work in US while… Continue reading



I am a phd holder in Chemical Engineering and now working as a lecturer (part time) under OPT for Missouri S & T.

Will you please write for me 4 or 5 reference letter to self petition EB1-A NIW.

Please let me know your charges


Thanks & Regards

Vijitha Mohan



EB1 Eligibility


Thanks for this informative website! I am fairly new to this GC process and learned a lot from this portal. I received a PhD in civil and Envir. Engg this Dec (2017) and I would like to know if I have real shot at obtaining a GC. My details are as follows:

  1. Research is in Application of Remotely sensed observations into a Crop modeling for improved and reliable yield predictions.
  2. Recent PhD degree with 3.9 GPA (2017)
  3. Masters with 3.82 (2012)
  4. Won NASA Post doctoral Fellowship – 2017    Grant of $ 70,000/year
  5. Won NASA Earth and Space Science… Continue reading