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Suitable Category NIW/EB1A

PhD Green Card

Hi, I’ve read the blog and it made me have goosebumps. I am so happy to see people doing self petition and being approved!

I am a Phd Student. This is my final year and I’m in the process of writing my dissertation. I’ve been working as both teaching assistant and research assistant since the first year. I am studying mechanical engineering, my research is specifically focused on fracture mechanics of rail steels. I am contributing to a FRA  project as a PhD student. I do have one published paper now but 3 more is coming up hopefully before… Continue reading

Assessment of my case for EB2 NIW

I am a Vietnamese citizen and I have a PhD degree from a state university in the US. Following are my information:

  • Currently an Assistant Professor in Finance at a small university in Arkansas.
  • Having 4 years of teaching experience with strong evaluation.
  • Research area: banking and syndicated loan markets
  • 1 publication in an A-level journal with 2 citations.
  • 1 revise and resubmit (R&R) paper in a B-level journal.
  • 3 papers under review at B-level journals.
  • 12 national and regional conference presentations.
  • 4 discussions of other papers
  • 1 best paper award and several scholarship awards when pursuing the PhD degree… Continue reading