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Published Feb 11,2019 By Tayo

Hello and thank you for the information from your website.

I am about to finish up my PhD, US would be my first choice as I would be able to easily secure a post-doc position once I am done here. But the question is what next after a year or two of post-doc. My long term plan is to work in industry. In the light of the new administration since Obama, is the information on self petitioning still valid/relevant?

Kindly advise.

Many thanks


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Tigran Kalaydzhyan
Tigran Kalaydzhyan
5 years ago

Hi Tayo,

The information in our packets is relevant. Another question is your timeframe, because the procedures became lengthy recently. For example, if you apply for EB2-NIW and if you are lucky to be not from mainland China or India, then it will take about 2 years + half a year of waiting time between getting the green card and switching to the industry. Applying for EB1A has become hard and, currently, even if your I-140 is approved, it is not clear for how long you have to wait before you become eligible for I-485. Please feel free to ask any further questions as I can understand that there could be details that need to be clarified. If you decide to do so, please let us know your country of birth, because the waiting times vary significantly.

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