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Can I apply for a green card in EB1A?



I have already applied successfully in EB2 NIW using your packet. Can you suggest if I can apply in EB1A. Below are my credentials.


-Undergrad (B. Tech. Biotechnology) from VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
-MS (Natural Resources – Wildlife Conservation and Management), University of Arizona
-PhD Candidate (Natural Resources – Wildlife Conservation and Management), University of Arizona
-1 year work experience in India, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad.
-Research on non-invasive and forensic genetics for wildlife conservation, with focus on wild cats (tigers, leopards, mountain lions, bobcats) and their conservation.
-Member of 5 professional wildlife organizations
-5 publications (2 internationally peer-reviewed, 3 nationally peer-reviewed).
-20 conference presentations (5 international, 10 national, and 5 local).
-5 invited speaker events
-9 citations, h-index = 2
-Reviewer of manuscript in Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management
-12 recommendation letters, 2 international, 10 national (including 6 government, 2 academic, and 2 non-profit).
-5 articles about research in professional organization magazines
-10 news article about research online and in trusted public media.
-Filed NIW in August 2013. Nebraska center.
-Approved January 2014
-Waiting for PD to file I-485.
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Looking at your bio EB1A “may be” possible. You can show >3 uscis eb1a criteria and also top few percent of the field criteria. Please take a look at
The main catch is “sustained interest” condition. To show evidence for this condition you need one or more  of the following
a) you need lots of citations (peer reviewed or other work) spread over 3  or more years
b) general research magazine articles with wide circulation. Again spread over 3 or more years
c) show lot of downloads (if not citations) of any of your publications  over >3 yrs period
d) patents that are licensed and used over a >3 yrs period
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