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Can we change jobs after applied/received J1 waiver?

Published Oct 24,2019 By Shan Chinna


I am in the process of applying J1-Waiver and changing J1 to H1B to proceed with my GC. Have some questions before that, and would like to know some details before going in action.

1. Now, I got the NO OBJECTION certificate from my government
2. Preparing in applying to Indian Embassy to get waiver using that certificate
3. After that, Apply to Dept. of Labor US

Before applying that, would like to know if I can change my job to another university or I need to apply the J1 waiver again if I moved to another job? If later case, Do I need to start from step 2 again?

Appreciate your answers.

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4 years ago

Hi Shan,

Since it depends on where in that timeline you decide to switch jobs and also on the nature of your specialization/reason to change, please consult with your prospective employer and a qualified immigration attorney (usually, the first consultation is free for most of them).

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