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Green card for master’s students

I am  a graduate student in electrical engineering. I had few questions regarding the green card for master’s students on F-1. I have 3 international IEEE publications and 1 ordinary journal paper. My questions for you are as follows:

What are the chances of getting EAD (Work authorization) for a master’s student if I apply after completing my master’s i.e., I will no more be on F-1 visa, I will be on OPT?

OPT is also considered being on F1 status. You can get an EAD on OPT which will last for a year and can be extended for additional 17 months (for STEM fields).

If you are referring to EAD through Green card, you have to self-petition in EB1A (requires establishment of extraordinary ability) or EB2-NIW (requires you to show that your work is in national interest). In any category, the priority dates for your nationality should allow you to file i-485 in order to get an EAD.

In summary it is possible as long as you meet USCIS criteria.

How many research publications are required? And what are the other important things or criteria looked into for giving an EAD?

It is not just publications but how you show evidence of national interest. Please refer to USCIS criteria and our free e-book for answers to FAQ.

Was there anyone who had applied for EAD while doing master’s or after completing his/her master’s? I know mostly PhD students apply for green cards.

We have not helped any master’s students. Green card is not restricted to PhDs, anyone who meets USCIS criteria can apply.

How much would be the entire amount required while applying for EAD or green card? And how much would it be if I go throw a lawyer?

For EAD via Green card, you need to apply for i-140, i-485 and i-175. You can find the processing fee at USCIS website.

Lawyers charge anywhere from $3k and higher in addition to the application fee.

If I go through the entire process and by any chance my petition for EAD gets rejected. Will I lose my F-1 status?  If so, do I need to move completely back to my home country? Or is there any solution for it?

We are assuming that you are referring to EAD via Green card. You will not lose your F-1 status. However, you will not be able to renew your F1 once you apply for i-485. When you apply for i-485, you are expressing intent to immigrate. Usually EAD application is not rejected, but i-485 can be.

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