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My chances in obtaining EB 1

I am from India and my credentials are in the following :

  1. MS and PhD from USA
  2. Have 4 first author and 2-second author publications in top journals in my field; 2 more to come
  3. Have collaborations internationally
  4. Reviewed 5 articles in top journals
  5. Presented at conferences (in the USA and abroad) 15 times
  6. 3+ years of postdoctoral experience in a top school and as a federal contractor at NOAA/NASA
  7. Since all my publications are recent (2014 onwards) and the size of the community is small, so far I have only 9 citations (these citations are from different countries). (This worries me)
  8. Teaching experience in high school (2.5 yrs) from my home country
  9. Can obtain 10+ recommendation letters from the best scientists in my field.
  10.  I have one professional membership and my data set is made public on the NOAA website

Please let me know my chances of obtaining EB1A

One Response to My chances in obtaining EB 1

  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Mintu,

    Your credentials are good, and, as you correctly pointed out, the main concern is the number of citations. What is the typical citation count for the permanent members in your field that could write recommendation letters for you?

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