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Ph.D. Teacher w/out Publications

Published Apr 1,2022 By Chris

Hi. I did my research about application for EB-2-NIW but still I have a few questions. I also avail the free consultations offered by some immigration services (some said I will not qualify, some said 50/50) but still, I hesitate to give up on my case.

I have a Ph.D. in Math Educ. I have been teaching for more than 18 years (high school, undergraduate and graduate courses in a university). I have license to teach in my home country and I have a highest level-valid license here in the US (I am under J1 by the way) and my salary is far more than the average salary in the area. I am a member of some professional organizations. I was one of the selected recipient to received federal grants to study and obtain a certificate so I can teach math in an ESL environment (completed the program with a perfect GPA). I have some recognitions from my former school in my home country for the services I rendered as Judge and Contest Administrator and I have certificates for being consistent champion math trainer for several years.

I served not only as a math teacher/professor in a university but also as an adviser, a chair and a member of undergraduate/master’s theses defense tribunal. And while I am here in the US, I still received invitations about these from former colleagues and students.

My performance evaluation since then has been very satisfactory and I can confidently secure letters from anyone I worked (working) with.

However, I was not able to publish any article/research because my focused that time is more on instruction.

Do I need to have publications and citations to qualify for EB-2 NIW? I thought publications and citations are necessary for EB1 only.

Is teaching NOT “of national importance”?

I just want to know from experts like and from your experiences  so I can move on in these dilemma I am having.

Thank you.


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2 years ago

Hi Chris,

The issue here is how your work/methods can be applied on a national scale. If you never published anything, how would you demonstrate that the public knows about your work and uses your methods? It is not that the publications are necessary, but they would make your work of preparing a petition much easier. With reference letters, recommendations from people you never worked with will probably play a bigger role – how would they know about your research? Also, obtaining a PhD without a single publication is pretty unusual…

It will be probably difficult to prepare a successful petition, but, if it can help, please have a look at the USCIS Policy Manual, Vol. 6, Part F, Chapter 5 for more in-depth info, maybe it will give you more ideas:

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