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Self-petitioning while on F1 visa


I am a PhD candidate and will graduate sometime in Summer. I am planning to apply for NIW (self-petition) and I am wondering about the risks. In case my I-140 application is rejected can I renew my F-1 visa? can I apply for OPT? or should I wait till I graduate and then file I-140? Thanks.


Applying for I-140 implies an intent to immigrate. Therefore you have the risk of not being able to renew your I-20/F1. You can apply while on OPT. But again you cannot extent your OPT or F1 if needed.

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Applying for greencard while on OPT


Hi Team,

I have a question. I think I read a similar question from someone else also. But I had a difference in my degree and certain other things.

I completed my PhD and I am on OPT. I want to know if I can apply for green card while on OPT, or should I go for H1 and then for OPT. Just to let you know my F1 (student visa) already expired. PLs let me know.

Thanks a lot.


Just a clarification. OPT is part of F1 status. Your F1 visa stamp may have expired but your… Continue reading

Can a master student apply for a Green Card


I am  a graduate student in electrical engineering. I was going
over the blog related to green card and it was pretty much confusing
since i have 0 knowledge in this field. I have a gun shot question:

I have 2 IEEE international conference papers and 1 ordinary journal
paper and i have filed a U.S. Patent based on my master’s thesis. Now,

1) Can a master’s student apply for a green card on his own?
2) If so, what are the forms or other materials required to be filled
up in order to get an EAD (Work… Continue reading