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Published Jul 10,2020 By ozan

Hi, I’ve read the blog and it made me have goosebumps. I am so happy to see people doing self petition and being approved!

I am a Phd Student. This is my final year and I’m in the process of writing my dissertation. I’ve been working as both teaching assistant and research assistant since the first year. I am studying mechanical engineering, my research is specifically focused on fracture mechanics of rail steels. I am contributing to a FRA  project as a PhD student. I do have one published paper now but 3 more is coming up hopefully before I graduate! I’d like to apply for phd green card before I finish my studies.So it would be much much easier for me to find a post doc position or an office job.

I’d like to know what my chances are and what should I do in order to be approved. I desperately want the green card. Also, my nationality is Turkish.  I talked to a lawyer but she said “impossible without a sponsor”

It really made me so sad.


Please help.


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4 years ago

Hi Ozan,

There is probably some misunderstanding with your lawyer, as I am not aware of any special limitations for Turkish nationals. Perhaps she meant that the self-sponsoring route will be difficult at your level within the academia, so she thinks that other (sponsored) categories will be easier to pursue? Please have a look at our free ebook to familiarize yourself with the USCIS criteria for EB1A and EB2-NIW,

Getting self-petition green cards is more difficult without a PhD, even though it is possible in some exceptional cases. Regarding the timeline, please keep in mind that the entire process can take you 1-2 years, so even though you may apply right before the graduation, it will not help you in finding another job, as it takes so long to get the actual card. Please feel free to ask further questions in this thread.

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