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Postdoctoral researcher trying to decide EB2-NIW or EB1A.



 I am a post-doctoral research associate at University of Washington, Seattle. I have a few questions regarding the green card applications.
1) Do I qualify for a EB1-A application. I am attaching my resume in this email. If I qualify, how long would it take.
2) If I apply under NIW, how long would it take to get I140 and how long would it take to get I485 approved in my case (an Indian citizen)
3) I am currently in academics. Can I find a job in industry after I-140 approval?  Would it jeopardize… Continue reading

Do I need a waiver to apply for EB2 NIW I-140?



I read with interest your online book but my situation was not addressed.


I have a J1 visa with a two years home restriction. I know I must have a waiver from my home government to apply for change of status. Do I require the waiver to apply for the EB2?


Thank you





You do not need a wavier to apply for I-140 petition. You can apply this any time on almost on any visa.
However as you mentioned you need a wavier to apply for a change of status… Continue reading

F1 applying for greencard under EB2 NIW


I am interested in applying for green card under NIW EB2 category. I recently defended my PhD and I have applied for an OPT, it will be valid from  May 2012. Currently I am on F1 working as a research assistant. These days I am searching for postdoc opportunities.

I went through the GreenCardForPhd eBook, so I am very confident to apply for the green card. As I am still on F1 status, how about the possibility of making my case successful. Please advise me. Do you have heard of similar successful cases?


It is possible to successfully apply for… Continue reading