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NIW: Do I need recommendation letters from my manager?


I am a PhD and working as a software engineer. Could you please tell me how I can formulate my documents for NIW application? Do I need recommendation letters from my manager?


You will need several recommendation letters supporting your claims of eligibility to the national interest category. Our example petitions can provide you an idea as to how you should approach writing your petition for NIW. When you make the petition, you should make sure that the USCIS criteria for NIW are met.

Other common questions related to the petition are answered in the free eBook on our website.

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One Response to NIW: Do I need recommendation letters from my manager?

  • Walter says:

    I am also a PhD holder who is working as a software developer/engineer. Since support letters from persons not directly related to the petitioner are more valuable who would such persons would be for software engineers? I cannot think of ones, except US-based recruiters or maybe TopCoder folks (I participate in their crowdsourcing competitions)? Who is the most frequent choice in the software engineering domain?

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