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Published Apr 17,2022 By Swapna


I have done my PhD at the National Institutes of Health( NIH) US under the graduate partnership program with the University at UK, my official transcript was awarded from the UK university, but I carried out my research full time at the NIH lab. However, during my final year, my NIH-PI passed way, so my paper publication had to go through lot of challenges. I am currently doing my postdoc, and in the process of  submitting that PhD paper for publication. My other papers are still in progress. I believe to apply for an NIW/I-140 you have to have publications with good citations?

Can you please advice under my circumstances, how best should I prepare in the next 6 month to be able to qualify for an NIW?  Should I start collecting reference letters now? what other things can I compensate with for not having enough citations or publications? Will having a publication on the Covid-RNA be helpful? Also I am a national of India, so how much time does it typically take to process an NIW, would it take 5-6 years?

Much appreciate your help!

Many thanks!

Many thanks,

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2 years ago

Having a PhD and citations are not necessary, but will greatly improve your chances in obtaining an NIW green card. Please have a look at our free eBook and relevant chapter of USCIS Policy manual (links below) to figure out the best way of collecting evidence in the meantime.

Current waiting time for India nationals is almost 8 years, see the Visa Bulletin:

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