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Published Jun 10,2022 By Celismar Oliveira


A friend of mine, who obtained his EB1A with your assistance, mentioned your services to me.

I would like to check if your services and assistance are suitable for my case, I aim to apply for EB1-NIW. I am not a PhD holder, I am MBA and PMP, Scrum, Certified Project Manager with 22 years of experience in project management, on IT, Construction and Business projects. Currently I work remotely for a US company (Concepta) and I do live in Brazil as a brazilian citzen.

I kindly ask for a quick look over my Linkedin profile to check if your services are suitable for my case.

Thanks in advance for your help and congratulations for your amazing job.


Celismar Oliveira

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1 year ago

Dear Celismar,

Thank you for the kind words. Please have a look at our free eBook to see if you can qualify for EB2-NIW:

Since you know much better about your field than us, you will be more successful in doing a self-assessment. Our services comprise of only providing do-it-yourself manuals and making a final review of your packet, when it’s ready.

Self help packets

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