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EB1a Chances

Can you please comment on my chances of success for an EB1A Application?

  1. Master’s in Petroleum and GeoSystems Engineering from a top university
  2. 10 publications with 140+ citations, 5 invited talks at international conferences
  3. 20+ reviews across 5 peer-reviewed high-impact journals
  4. Several internal awards and couple of nationally recognized awards from professional societies in my areas of expertise
  5. References from CEOs and technical managers from clients and some for academia
  6. Probably 25% more compensation relative to peers and DOL wage numbers

One Response to EB1a Chances

  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Kurt,

    Let me state that I know successful EB1A cases with similar credentials. The applicants had a PhD degree, however. While obtaining EB1A with Masters’ degree is certainly possible, the percentage is small and I am not personally familiar with these cases.

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