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How much evidence is enough

Hello GCforPhd Team,

I am a postdoc in experimental solid state physics with 9 publications and ~ 45 citations. I am planning to start the self petition through the NIW category. I believe I have a medium strength case as I don’t have many and also highly cited publications and the new publications won’t get much citations in the next 3-6 month (I am planning to publish 2-3 articles soon). To gauge the strength of my case I was reading the denials of administrative decisions of the USCIS appeals office and a recurring theme was that the petitioner did not provide a sufficient number of explicit examples of others in the field using the results of the petitioner’s research. I understand that this is always relative, but do you have en expectations how much of such examples is enough?

My naive expectations is that if the usual number of “required” references is 6, then all of those should contain such examples. If the references for some reasons are not containing such examples, then I still need roughly six examples from independent sources that my work is used by other peers. Are my expectations¬†correct?

Thank you,


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  • GCforPhD says:

    Dear Pavlo

    Generally there is no such number mentioned by USCIS. Usually it depends on a case-by-case. However if you can get 6 references mentioning the use of your work that is likely to be sufficient. In the past we have had NIW cases approved where there were very few publications (6 ) and citations (20) but very strong references (3 or so) stating the importance and use. Hope this helps. You can also look at our example petitions they can help answer your questions with a real approved petition.

    Best wishes

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