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Published Aug 27,2019 By Olukorede Tijani Adenuga

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is my great pleasure to request for your guidance on the  Employment-Based Immigration: Second Preference EB-2 (Exceptional Ability). I am a Nigerian with over 20 years in both academics and industry. A permanent resident in South Africa and currently have a B2 visa expiring in February 2021  and intend to file an application from South Africa without no reference letter.

I have published 8 Journals, 4 conferences and 1 book chapter.

Dr. Adenuga extensive hands-on experience related to manufacturing, engineering, procurement, construction and process engineering. He has over 2 decades of training and maintenance experience, working in Automotive, Food and Bottling Industries, Oil & Gas Exploration and Production, Building and Construction Industry.Dr. Olukorede Tijani Adenuga is presently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and has been has been a lecturer in the Industrial Department Engineering, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Pretoria, South Africa for more than five years. He holds doctoral and master degree in industrial engineering from Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa and a bachelor of engineering in electronics and electrical Engineering from University of Sunderland, United Kingdom. He is a researcher with interest in agent-based control system, simulation, energy systems and optimization, application of artificial intelligence techniques and mechatronics, control systems, automation and robotics, instrumentation, manufacturing, intelligent control, expert systems, fuzzy logic, servo motion control systems, electro hydraulic control, precision motion control, and microprocessor applications.

Dr. Olukorede Adenuga is an associate member of Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (AMIEOM); associate member of South African Institute of Industrial Engineers (SAIIE); corporate member of Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE), and senior award holder from City and Guilds of London Institute (LCGI). I welcomed the complex challenges in Automation Technologies for Manufacturing Systems III (ATM301B) and Mechatronics Practical’s during his part-timed lecturing position, and he used his initiative to increase the success rate for the department by engaging in further discussions after class. He is hardworking and truly insightful; these two traits combine to produce an especially unique and outstanding academic.

In academics, he is a keen researcher who combines his theory with practice. Dr. Adenuga has dedicated and committed himself to offering comprehensive academic support at TUT. He has sound leadership qualities and managerial skills. His skills are rare and extremely in short supply due to huge commercial, industrial and international demands in the spectrum of his skills. He has extremely been useful in the work force development of South Africa and this has granted him permanent residency in the exceptionally skills category to enable him transfer his valuable knowledge to upcoming engineers. Dr. Adenuga possess the desire to share ideas with effortless ease, the skills that is very useful for the training of younger engineers and technologists.

He is self-motivated, enthusiastic when working individually or as part of a team and skilled in the application of systematic troubleshooting techniques in problem solving on electrical repairs and industrial systems improvements through the use lean manufacturing techniques. He has also provided electrical engineering discipline support to Asset and Maintenance Execution (AME) teams on Technical integrity. He has good working knowledge of Systems Application Program (SAP CMMS) and have function in Technical Training in various capacities through provision of coaching frontline guidance to Technician. He has received various training both locally and internationally which include Total Reliability through World Class Maintenance Course from Marshal Institute, United State of America.

I recently attended LEAN ENTERPRISE SYSTEMS PROGRAM at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville between July 1 to August 1, 2019, and was appointed as a representant of The Center for Advanced Systems Research and Education (CASRE) from the department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.



Dr. Olukorede Adenuga

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4 years ago

Hi Olukorede,

I am not sure what you meant by applying “without no reference letter.” Please have a look at our free e-book by the link below to familiarize with the EB2-NIW criteria.

The most challenging part that one has to be ready to address is the national importance of one’s work for the United States. Otherwise, most PhDs in technical fields would qualify. If (after reading the e-book) you want a more detailed analysis of your case and chances of obtaining the green card, you can contact a U.S. immigration attorney and submit your resume. Usually, this part of the work and the first consultation are free.

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