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Published Jan 22,2016 By jignesh

Dear Sir,

I have 6 publications, around 50 total citations, and have judged 5 papers of others for international journals. I also have attended few international conferences.

This is my 5th year as a postdoc, on H1B and my area of research is systems biology. Can you please let me know how strong my case will be for EB1A or EB2-NIW?




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8 years ago

Thanks Sir for you reply.

Please find my resume I have emailed you through
I worked on cancer in my first postdoctoral position and now I am working on Iron metabolism which is linked to diseases like hemochromatosis, anemia, cancer alzheimers etc. I develop mathematical models which
explain the dis-regulated mechanisms in this diseases and then we try to find some treatment for theses diseases.

I satisfy the following 3 criteria for EB1A category out of 10 as listed here:

number 3 with publications
number 4 with citations and reference letters
number 5 with the other’s paper I have reviewed for publication.

please let me know which is better to apply for, EB1A or NIW?

Is becoming a member of american association for cancer research or
american cancer society help?

I don’t have any major awards but have oral/poster presentations in three international conferences.


Jessica Stanley
Jessica Stanley
1 year ago

Hello Sir,
I am a PhD student and have a masters degree. I have four publications from my masters and 60 citations. Is this enough to file for EB2/NIW with good rate of approval?

1 year ago

Hi Jessica,

Please read our free eBook (link below). High citation count would be helpful, but the main point is that your research is of the national interest to the United States. Obtaining PhD degree before filing EB2-NIW petition would also increase your chances of approval.

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