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What is your suggestion on e-filing I-140?



For someone not residing in the US, do you know if it is better to do electronic filing of I-140 or normal filing at the Consulate (Consular processing)? Is there a difference between the two in terms of processing speeds, outlook and potential results? Thanks




Since self-petition i-140 requires significant evidence, even if you file the i-140 online, you would still have to mail the supporting evidence via normal snail mail. The main advantage of efiling is you get a early filing date (by a few days to a week). Most applicants prefer just regular mail due to this reason.
However there is no significant difference in speed/outcome from the two approaches.
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  • Dr. Mukundkumar Patel says:

    I am senior internal medicine consultant in India practising since more than 20years. Apart from MD degree I have national and international fellowships like FICP( fellow of Indian college of physicians) , FACP ( directly elected as a fellow by credential committee of American college of physicians) FRCP ( fellow of Royal college of physician elected by credential committee)
    Ihave three membership which require outstanding performance, publications in indexed journals,reviewer of national journals and publication in major media of professional circulation I have no job offer of usa
    Can you guide me further for eb1a?

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