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How many publications do i need to apply for a green card?


Greetings !!

Thank you for running a great website which is extremely useful for rest of us. I am a recent Phd graduate and unfortunately My PI wasn’t the best and screwed my papers. I only have one publication and I am currently a post doc (been six months). I have been told that one needs multiple publications and/or patents to be able to file green card under EB1A or NIW category?   If possible could you guide on this a little bit please.
It is not necessary that you have a lot of… Continue reading

Suitable category for a PhD from abroad.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am in the process of making a self petition for a green card here in the US and come across your materials, which I find very helpful and useful. However, I encounter a few burning questions which I am confident you are in a good position to help out with some answers. 
1. I have a PhD from a British University – graduated in 2008
2. Published high impact academic journals
3. Worked in high profile jobs (but not in the US)
4. Have a construction company in the UK… Continue reading

Self-petition with only few publications


Dear Greencardforphd,

First and foremost, I’d like to express that I am extremely grateful to your service. I have found your website and handbook very useful.
I am currently a post-doc with only 2 publications. I should have another 2 publications in a year. I can get very strong recommendation letters. ALl the lawyers that I contacted said that it is very hard to get a green card without employer sponsorship. So I was very discouraged but reading your posts was encouraging.
What do you advise? Should I go ahead with the self-petition? Or should I… Continue reading