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package for J1 waiver, how to Filing I-485 together with I-140.

Published Feb 3,2022 By Christelle Ekosso

I am a postdoc research associate since September 2021 at a USA University. My program ends on September 2022. My visa type is J1 with the  2-years home country requirement.

I graduated with a Ph.D. in Physics in March 2021. I have 10 papers published and 21 citations, I attended person 8 international conferences. I was a short term-research in a National US laboratory in 2019. Also, I assist in the judging process for the ENVISION 2021-2022 Competition.

Currently, I am working on 2 projects on Mathematical modeling of host-Pathogens management that will probably require that I extend my visa. But I want to apply for a J1 Waiver before the end of my program and therefore apply to a GC this year if possible.

I need some information to apply for a J1 waiver and then to apply for GC on NIW or EB1A.

So can you explain to me how to get those 3 packages (J1 waiver, I-140, I-485)? I also need to know when is the best time for me to apply for a J1 waiver.

Thank you for your help.



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2 years ago

Hi Christelle,

We do not provide information, sample letters (such as No Objection Statement) or packages for J1 waivers. However, there is plenty of information and do-it-yourself material online, and you can also hire an attorney.

Speaking of NIW or EB1A, you can start with our free ebook,

and then, once you feel confident enough, proceed with purchasing our DIY packets through the link below,

Speaking of the timeline, it might be a good idea to extend you J1 visa first, because the procedures you plan to pursue may take substantial time. You will need to obtain J1 waiver before you file I-485. You do not need it for filing I-140 though.

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