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PhD graduate on OPT status

Published Jan 16,2016 By Atul


My name is Atul. I have recently graduated with PhD in civil engineering and on OPT status working as research assistant. My employer said he would file NIW green card in some time. 

I have 3 publications and hoping to finish 1 soon. I worked with my professor to win a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant in wind energy.  My work is related to renewable energy (wind energy), and I will work on the project is funded my National Science Foundation. 

My aim is to get green card and I think NIW suits me more as of now.  My doubts are 

1) Is the transition from F1 to NIW possible without any risk? If NIW is denied in its initial stage does it affect my OPT extension status?

2) Academic H1B occurs very fast. So if I go that route is it possible to get NIW with academic H1B?

3) I just raed that J1 to NIW is risky also the F1 to NIW is risky and one should go only if sure. I did not get this.

4) Does I-140 approval in NIW is the indication of green card approval and could one leave the US for some work related travel?




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