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GC with my background


I did my Masters in Biological Sciences in the top Indian research Institute (I’m an Indian citizen). Then I came to Netherlands to pursue my PhD. I just finished my PhD (2008-2015). During my PhD, I have published 4 first author publications in tier 1 journal and 1 first author review in tier 2 journal with citation index of ~30. I received outstanding researcher award nationally (Dutch society of thrombosis and haemostasis) and young investigator award in international conference. I presented (oral and poster) my work at both national and international platforms. Now, I am looking for post doctoral positions and I’m on H4 visa. My husband is on H1B visa since 1.5 yrs. 

I have few questions:

1) For which category can I apply for GC (EB2 or EB1)

2) With this background, can I self sponsor my application or I need an employer

3) Do I need to stay in US to apply for GC or I can apply from my parent country or Netherlands and how would that impact the length of processing time?

4) Fees required to self sponsor in both the categories. 

5) % Chance of getting an approval

6) What more documents can I add (eg. reference letters etc.) to strengthen my application.

I highly appreciate your reply.

Best Regards,



2 Responses to GC with my background

  • GCforPhD says:

    Hi Sameera

    1) and 2) From your brief description EB2 is more suitable. You can self sponsor in NIW or EB1A (harder but may be p possible depending on other evidence). EB1A may also be possible if you can show that a) you are one of the top researcher in the field and b) your work has sustained national or international interest. If your employer is willing to sponsor EB1-OR is a better choice. If you are born in India, EB2 would take a long time.
    3) You can apply from anywhere. It wont affect the time to process. You would have to fill the I-140 little differently and request consular processing instead off applying for I-485.
    4) Fee required is the same for all categories. You can find the fees for each form o n the uscis page (look at G-1055). You would need to fill i-140, i-485 and associated bio-metric form. EAD and AP are optional.
    5) See 1
    6) You would certainly need reference letters. Please see USCIS criteria any information that supports these should be part of the evidence. You can see our example petition to see typical evidence that is included.

    Best wishes

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