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GC with my background

Published May 8,2015 By Sameera


I did my Masters in Biological Sciences in the top Indian research Institute (I’m an Indian citizen). Then I came to Netherlands to pursue my PhD. I just finished my PhD (2008-2015). During my PhD, I have published 4 first author publications in tier 1 journal and 1 first author review in tier 2 journal with citation index of ~30. I received outstanding researcher award nationally (Dutch society of thrombosis and haemostasis) and young investigator award in international conference. I presented (oral and poster) my work at both national and international platforms. Now, I am looking for post doctoral positions and I’m on H4 visa. My husband is on H1B visa since 1.5 yrs. 

I have few questions:

1) For which category can I apply for GC (EB2 or EB1)

2) With this background, can I self sponsor my application or I need an employer

3) Do I need to stay in US to apply for GC or I can apply from my parent country or Netherlands and how would that impact the length of processing time?

4) Fees required to self sponsor in both the categories. 

5) % Chance of getting an approval

6) What more documents can I add (eg. reference letters etc.) to strengthen my application.

I highly appreciate your reply.

Best Regards,



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Sameera Peraramelli
Sameera Peraramelli
9 years ago
Reply to  GCforPhD

Thank you very much for your reply.

Best Regards,

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