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Should i reapply for J2 work permit while waiting for my husbands waiver?


My husband and I are currently living here in USVI. My husband is under J1 visa and i am in J2 visa. The employer of my husband will be working on their waiver since our visa will be expiring this July 2017. As for me, i am currently working and my work permit would be expiring this March 2017. My question is, should I reapply for my work permit or should I wait for the approval of my husbands waiver first? Because i’m thinking if i apply i might get denied if USCIS would see that my visa is only until july of this year. I thought of applying if my husbands waiver would be granted.

Hoping someone would enlighten me on this matter. Thank you.

One Response to Should i reapply for J2 work permit while waiting for my husbands waiver?

  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Astrid,

    I assume you meant 2018. The EAD is usually limited by the validity time of DS-2019 (in your case, probably, July 2017, even though it may not coincide with the validity period of the visa stamp) and is independent of the waiver. Your husband is probably planning to change the immigration status from J1 to something else, hence the waiver procedure. Your ability to work depends on what status he is transitioning in.

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