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Advance Parole and Travel

Published Mar 31,2012 By GCforPhD


I have a question about getting an advance parole document.  I’m thinking of getting one for multiple entry.  What should I enter for questions 1 and 2 in Part 3 of the form (Date of Intended Departure and expected length of trip) if I intend to travel multiple times to different places?

Thanks for your help!


Usually advanced paroles are mostly granted for duration of 1 year. Although they do not specifically mention multiple entries, they are valid for multiple entries for the duration they are granted.

From our past experience, information in part 3 is rarely used on the granted advanced parole.


I still have another concern about traveling.  On my I140 and I485, I had to include a photocopy of the I94 card which has an admission number.  If we travel and come back with a new I94 card, would this affect the pending application?  Thanks for your help.


New I-94 should not affect the pending application.


My other question is do you know approximately how long the processing of I-130 will take.  My husband and I have to attend a wedding in 2 weeks time and he planned another trip end of November.  Our GC package is ready to go but I worry that we won’t get the Advanced paroles before we leave in 2 weeks.  Do you think it’s ok that we send in the package now since in 2 weeks, it’s unlikely that anything is even processed and our visas should still be valid.


I assume you are referring to i-131. You can find the current processing times on USCIS website. This is usually 3 months (although most people get it much sooner).

If you currently have a valid visa, you can use it for travel while i-485 is pending. This will not alter your pending 485 in any manner.  In this situation it is better to file a  i-131 after your return. Traveling while i-131 is pending the first time will result in abandonment of the I-131 application. However this limitation  does not apply if one has a previously approved advance parole (applicants renewing their i-131 do not have to worry) prior to departure and for those with pending I-485s traveling in valid visa (eg H1B, H-4, L-1, L-2, K-3, K-4, V-2 or V-3) categories (these status should be valid for the entire length of travel).

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12 years ago

Hello people,
my question to you is i did my phd in biochem…but after graduating switched to the retail pharmacy field.i have been a retail pharmacist for 4 years now and my h1b expires in sept 2013. mine and all other companies in this field are not doing green cards anymore (since i got this job based on my bachelors in india…it would be entitled to EB3 category anyways),since the demand is much lesser than it was 4 years back. is it possible just based on my phd and publications(1 published and 2 submitted) TO GO FOR THE eb2-NIW category,while still work as a pharmacist(eb3)

11 years ago
Reply to  amit

Hi Amit

It is possible this may still work. However, if you self-petition in NIW, you would need to be working in the same field as mentioned in your i-140 petition (such as research or industrial position that based on your research for example).

Best of luck
GC for Phd team

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