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Self petition eligibility

Dear Sir/Madam,

 I wanted to know if my following profile might be eligible for EB1A for self-petition,

 Australian top university PhD graduate, 8 publications, 33 citations, presentations at international conferences, award of 3 scholarships from Australian government anduniversity, grant for attendance of international conferences, top student in B.Sc. , M.Sc. and PhD study. 

I have also found a prospect interested top university in US for a research position. 


One Response to Self petition eligibility

  • GCforPhD says:


    The information you provided may barely meet the three requirements for EB1A. In addition to this you would have to show 1) you are one of a top person in your field and 2) there is sustained national or international interest in your work. You would need great recommendation letters and several citations spread over years. With the information you provided EB1A would be hard. Please take a look at the USCIS requirements for EB1A using the EB1A link above.

    Best wishes

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