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I-485 for EB1A

My cousin had multiple H1bs and has a valid O1 work permit. She adjusted status to O1 from H1b.
She now got her I-140 approved for EB1A.

However USCIS had approved her H1b for 8 years. The last approval was given for 8 years by USCIS without request for recapture. However with the recapture days considered she has stayed below 6 years in the US on his H1b.

Will this affect the I-485 process. Also should she explicitly bring out this point in the application?


One Response to I-485 for EB1A

  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Sridhar,

    Why would you think the H1B duration might be an issue? I do not see any problem with that, but let me know if you have a contrary opinion.

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