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Can my wife (J2 holder) get Green card if I get a Green card while on J1?


I am a postdoc in US with J1 visa without 2 years residency requirement. My wife is in J2 and also without residency requirement. My question is if I am able to get my Green card through EB1A, can she also get a green card as well?

Additionally, when I am applying for EB1A, will I be in J1 status and my wife is in J2?


The usual procedure is that the primary applicant (you) applies for I-140 and the derivative (your wife and children) and primary apply for I-485. Both of you would get green cards after… Continue reading

Applying for Green card through EB1A category while on J visa


I have been following your website for a while and it is really very useful and resourceful. I do plan on purchasing your packages for EB1 and NIW categories, but before that I have a question and I appreciate if I can get an answer.

I did PhD in optical science and engineering and currently working as a postdoc in a national lab on J1 status with no 2 year residency requirement.


By The Way our example packets are in the similar field (optical sciences). The applicant of these packets was also in a national lab… Continue reading