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Work in USA without any sponsorship and Green card processing time in EB2 category


While looking for options to apply for green card, I came across your website. It sounds very interesting and helpful.

Well, although I do not intend to settle in US but because of funding issues and short term visa extensions, I want to apply for green card. Do you know for how long once I apply for green card I can work in US without any sponsorship or visa?


Green card self-petition application has two stages I-140 and I-485. Once you apply for I-485, you can stay as long as I-140 or I-485 are not denied. If both… Continue reading

Chances of converting into either H1 or Green card while on J1


I came across your informative web site about green card for PhDs, self-petition. I have two questions, if you don’t mind answering them,

1) I will be entering USA on a J1 visa for 2 years and what are my chances of converting it into either H1 academic or green card status?. Briefly, I have a Ph.D. in optical spectroscopy of semiconducting materials, and 5+ years of postdoc experience in experimental physics. Some key words are – Quantum dots, photovoltaics, laser physics, ultrafast laser spectroscopy, nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, with extremely good publication records in top rated high ranked international journals.… Continue reading

US Congress Bill seeks direct ‘Green card’ to PhD holders

Source: The Economic Times

In an effort to retain the best foreign talent in the country, a bill has been introduced in the US Congress, which if passed, would
give direct “permanent residency” to overseas PhD students.

As such these foreign students would be exempted from applying for H-1B visas or other work visas to stay and work in the United States. However, not all PhD would be eligible for the popular “Green Card”.

As per the bill introduced by Jeff Flake, Republican Congressman from Arizona, only those foreign nationals having completed PhDs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)… Continue reading