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US Congress Bill seeks direct ‘Green card’ to PhD holders

Published Jul 21,2009 By GCforPhD

Source: The Economic Times

In an effort to retain the best foreign talent in the country, a bill has been introduced in the US Congress, which if passed, would
give direct “permanent residency” to overseas PhD students.

As such these foreign students would be exempted from applying for H-1B visas or other work visas to stay and work in the United States. However, not all PhD would be eligible for the popular “Green Card”.

As per the bill introduced by Jeff Flake, Republican Congressman from Arizona, only those foreign nationals having completed PhDs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) would be eligible to directly apply.

If passed, the Stopping Trained in America PhDs from Leaving the Economy (STAPLE) Act (HR 1791), would end up benefiting the Indians and Chinese the most, as students from these two countries account for a majority of the PhD students in the United States.

The bill also say that such PhD holders be exempted from the numerical quota of H-1B visas.

As of July 2009, there is no special categorie for PhDs yet. However due to their background, Phd’s tend to satisfy most of the criteria needed to obtain a Green card via the EB1A or the EB2-NIW. We suggest that interested users make use of these categories to obtain a Green card.

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14 years ago

Are there many available jobs out there for STEM PhDs?

Can you point to any such companies? I have a Bsc in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and I cannot find an entry level job anywhere. I certainly havn’t found any jobs requiring a PhD.

14 years ago
Reply to  Karla

Sorry we are not experts in the general STEM areas. We only know about the areas of our specialization. Since the economy is bad, not many companies seem to be hiring. However the scenario is not entirely bleak. Your best bet is to network as much as possible in your area to find positions for a phd. Also postdoc (universities and national labs) is an option which many people seem to be choosing.

You can try the following links:

I am sure you will find job sites and magazines specific to your research area.

Also check each of the DOE labs at the site

Best of luck.
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