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Expiry date for item purchased

Published Jan 10,2020 By Pablo David Jimenez Castro

Hi there,

I´m Veterinarian from Colombia currently pursuing a Ph.D. in infectious diseases at the University of Georgia. I´m interested in purchasing your NIW DIY package along with the review service. However, I wanted to know if there was an expiry date for the review service or for DIY package. If so, would it be better if I wait until I´m ready to start writing the I-140 file?

Also, something that I´m still not clear about is when would my wife get the green card if I apply following the EB2-NIW route and am successful?


Thanks a lot!

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4 years ago

Hello Pablo,

Yes, we are updating the packets from time to time, especially when the laws change. If you want to file I-140 soon, you can purchase them now. If you plan to do that in, say, several years, then it makes sense to purchase them later in the future.

Yes, your wife can file I-485 to get the green card together with you if your I-140 is approved.

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